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The best learning happens outside of the classroom. We can support your students to explore their local streams, harbours and coasts, to build connections with nature and inspire positive action.

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Our School Programmes

Healthy Harbours: Porirua and Wellington

Can’t decide between marine and freshwater? The Healthy Harbours programme is all about the essential space where these two environments meet.
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Experiencing Marine Reserves

If it's oceanic critters, marine restoration, and sea shanties you’re after then look no farther. The EMR programme has got at least two of those things.
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Whitebait Connection

Don’t flood your gumboots! Hop into Aotearoa’s freshwater environment with the Whitebait Connection programme.
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Love Rimurimu

It tastes great as sushi, but there are so many more reasons we love rimurimu. Come explore the ocean's seaweed forests with us and find out why.
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