Whitebait Connection

Whitebait Connection

Delivered across New Zealand, the Whitebait Connection (WBC) is an in-depth exploration of local freshwater ecosystems. Students learn about catchments, human impacts, freshwater biodiversity and how to conduct science-based stream assessments.

Once students have explored their local area, they put their new knowledge into action by completing a project of their choice. This programme is inquiry-based learning at its best. Learning outcomes and objectives can be tailored to meet the needs of your students.

After doing Whitebait Connection I feel that the freshwater environment needs to be looked after and cared for. I want to plant new suitable trees around the lakes and streams, and gather some people to pick up trash from the lakes and streams.” – Year 6 student

The Whitebait Connection programme can be tailored to meets the needs and learning objectives of your students. Spread across a term and easily integrated with the curriculum our WBC full programme consists of:

  • Introduction classroom session
  • Monitoring classroom session
  • Field trip to local stream
  • Field trip to pristine comparison
  • Action planning support

We will provide planning sessions to help integrate the programme with your classroom session, provide health and safety documents and all equipment needed for field trips.

The Whitebait Connection was developed in Whangarei by the national Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust in 2002 and in now delivered in seven regions across the country. Here in Wellington, Mountains to Sea Wellington are the regional providers of this national freshwater programme. Find out more about the national programme here


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